How Much Pain am I Going to Have After Foot and Ankle Surgery?

Generally, foot and ankle surgery is not tremendously painful provided you follow postoperative instructions. A numbing medicine is placed around your ankle after surgery and you may not have any pain for four to 24 hours after surgery. Also, the more you have your foot elevated above heart level after surgery, the better you will […]

Are There Complications of Foot and Ankle Surgery?

No surgical procedure is without complications, but most complications are minor and do not effect final outcome. These include swelling, numbness, excessive scar tissue, superficial infections and acute pain. Complications that can affect the final outcome of surgery include, but are not limited to continued pain, worsened pain, recurrence of the problem or deformity, delayed […]

How Well Does Surgery Work?

Foot and ankle surgery works very well when the correct procedures are chosen for specific problems. The more we focus on pain relief as our primary reason for surgical intervention, the higher chance of success. Patient satisfaction after foot and ankle surgery is well over 90 percent.

Should I Have Surgery to Fix my Foot or Ankle Problem?

The decision to have foot or ankle surgery is a complex one, as recovering from foot or ankle surgery could require non-weight-bearing on the involved extremity for up to six to eight weeks, followed by a short period of time in a walking cast. This limits your normal lifestyle significantly, and may take many months […]